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busy day

December 15, 2007

I had two sessions today and it was COLD out. I don’t know if the temperature even went above 30 today. This morning I took pictures of some cousins. The mom of two of the kids is the director of Reese’s preschool.




This afternoon I met up with another high school girl. She is good friends with the girl I posted photos of a few weeks ago.




One of Reese playing with “her” new toy. She thinks its hers, but it’s not.


Be sure to check back here on Monday for the contest I will be posting. If you had a session with me this year, this contest is for you!

sneak peak

December 14, 2007

This little guy has more energy then any kid I have ever met. He ran non-stop pretty much the whole time I was at his house. 




December 1, 2007


This afternoon I met up with a junior girl from a local high school. I sent some girls messages through a website seeing if any of them wanted to model for me. This girl responded and we started emailing each other to set up a time to get together. It turns out that her dad was one of my doctors when I was pregnant with Finn. Just shows what a small world it is. I had a lot of fun taking her pictures. I really like photographing teens. Here are a few of my favorites.





That is all for now, even though I could keep adding more. It was hard to pick my favorites.

December 1, 2007

I love these pictures of Reese. I love the urban look for photos. I am meeting a high school girl this afternoon to take some pictures, so I wanted to go test out some areas with Reese this morning. Isn’t her hair adorable? I think she looks so cute with pig tails. These are just the first few that caught my eye. I will post more later.