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April 30, 2008

I got a new macro lens the other day. Here are a few shots from my backyard.




Finn playing in his room this morning.


dress up

April 28, 2008

Finn loves to dress up. He wears Reese’s dress up clothes, her headbands, glasses, necklaces, basically anything he can find. He carries her purses and talks on pretend cell phones.  Here he what he wore one day over the weekend. The one shoe that is on the wrong foot is Reese’s.  


at the park

April 27, 2008

 Here are some photos from my engagement session yesterday. I will be photographing their wedding next month. 



We found this really cute wall mural at the park. Don’t you love the turtle above their heads. 




super quick sneak peek

April 26, 2008

Here is a super quick sneak peek from a session with two brothers this morning. They were the cutest and I can’t wait to finish going through all their photos. This one caught my eye as I put the photos on my computer. I will add more to this post tonight. I am on my way to another session and hoping the rain holds off until we are done. 


I am back from my afternoon’s session and the rain held off. Here are a few more from my session this morning. 





April 23, 2008

I took my kids out for a photo shoot today. Finn crawled up on this bench that Reese was sitting on. I never get any pictures of them together, so I love this one. It is so them. 


sweet sixteen

April 21, 2008

Paige contacted me because she wanted to get some photos taken for her 16th birthday. We decided to meet in Harrisburg for the photos. The forecast was calling for rain yesterday so we were going to reschedule, but finally decided to do the session a little earlier then we had planned. It was raining and thundering throughout the shoot, luckily it cleared up enough that we could walk around and get some great photos. 





Her boyfriend even came along and I got a bunch of great shots of them together. His mom was a great help because she held an umbrella over me so I wouldn’t get soaked by the rain. 



April 20, 2008

Yesterday I did a session for my friend Julia and her family. Her daughter just turned 2 and is so cute. Last time I photographed her she was laughing at everything I did. It took some work getting her to smile at this session.

Just a note that if you book a session with me, you can use any of the photos from your session to make cards or invitations with Julia at no additional charge. So next time you need an invitation or announcement make an appointment with both of us!




swim like a fish

April 19, 2008

We got some passes to the Y, so I have taken the kids swimming a few times this week and they LOVE it. They are both like fish. Today Badi, Becki and my mom came along to see how much they love the water. Finn loves to wear goggles!


 This is a little out of focus, but I had to show it anyway. Finn loves to jump off the side. He goes completely underwater and wants to keep doing it. 


Going down the slide with Becki. 




 After swimming we went to Chick-fil-a for lunch and the bank next to it was having a grand opening with all kinds of fun stuff. Reese got her face painted like a flower princess and her balloon is shaped like a princess wand.