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pacific beach

June 30, 2008

Badi wanted to go body boarding this morning, so I decided to take the kids along to the beach so they could play in the sand while he was in the water. Finn fell asleep in the car on the way there so he slept in the stroller the entire time. Reese had fun playing in the sand.


Then she wanted to put on her bathing suit. She had fun running in the water for a few minutes, but then she decided she hated the sand sticking to her because it was itchy. So she showered off and that was the end of our morning at the beach.



just married

June 28, 2008

Today I helped Dan shoot a wedding. I took this couples engagement photos back in March and I was excited for their wedding day. I met up with Stephanie at her house to take some shoots of her and the bridesmaids getting ready.



Then we headed outside to get a few shots of the girls. We managed to get a few before it started to rain, really hard. Luckily we got inside before the rain started. I loved the bridesmaid dresses. They each picked out a different style.




The guys at the church. 



Love this shot of Matt when he first saw Stephanie.



Traditional Greek ceremony. 



Love her smile here.





They got in the car to go to the reception and I hopped in the front seat to grab this shot. I am sure they thought I was a bit crazy. 


2009 senior

June 26, 2008

I had my first class of 2009 Senior photo shoot last night. We met at the house of a friend of her family’s. The house was amazing. It sat on top of this hill and had an incredible view. There were so many fun places to shoot. Here are a few of my many favorites from her session. 







June 24, 2008

Check out the dog Reese drew today. I was pretty impressed.



I got Finn out of the bath tonight and was back with Reese in her room. We came out to the family room to find Finn in his favorite new spot. He loves to move the mouse and hit the keys.



June 24, 2008

Standouts are my new favorite photo product, I have a bunch of them around my house. Photos are mounted directly onto a 3/4 inch piece of lightweight standout material. They have holes in the back so they are ready to hang. No framing is necessary. 

These 2 photos are both 11x14s. 


This one is 10×20 inches. 


little mermaid

June 22, 2008

Another photo from my underwater camera at the pool today. We were there for over 2 hours. Reese spent the entire time in the pool, except for the 5 minutes she got out to eat her lunch.


Finn found this hat of Reese’s and insisted on wearing it while he ate a popsicle.


i need sleep

June 17, 2008

Finn has never been a great sleeper. He slept with us in bed for the first 9 months of his life and woke up every hour-two all night long. Finally I had enough and needed sleep and put him in his crib. He goes to sleep great and most nights sleeps through the night, but for the past month or so he wakes up too early. How early? 5:30 is a good day. Somedays its 4:45 (that was only once), or 5:00 or 5:15 (thats the norm).  I know someone reading this has dealt with an early waker. I don’t know how to make him sleep longer, I am not talking about 7 or 8. At this point 6 or 6:30 would be great. We have tried putting him to bed at all different times and no matter what time he goes to bed, he is still up at 5:00. So we usually put him down around 7.  You might say, that is just his wake up time he is sleeping 10 hours at night. But he is not happy when he wakes up. I have to hold him for at least 30 min. in the morning or he cries and he just lays with his head on my shoulder.  If you have any suggestions, I am more then willing to hear them.

 Enough of my complaining, here are a few more pictures from the family shoot I did last week.




June 15, 2008

I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day. We hung out at the pool this afternoon. 



Reese was pouring water on Finn and he loved it.  That may be my new secret weapon for getting him to smile, have Reese throw water on his face!