December 7, 2009

Today is Finn’s 3rd birthday. I took him out last week to get some photos of him. We bought some red balloons (his favorite color) and went to a field. It was freezing cold and he had a cough and it didn’t go too well. I got one picture that I liked. Then as we were getting ready to go back to the car. I took his balloons to put his coat on and they floated away. He was not happy.


A few days later I decided to go out and try to a different location to try again. We were a little more successful since it was a warmer day.



And some outtakes so you can see what it’s really like to try and take his picture. :)


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6 Responses to “3”

  1. Shannon says:

    Happy Birthday Finn! These are great – I love the one of him sitting by the blue door and looking over at you from the side. And the balloon one is great!

  2. Tiffany says:

    Happy Birthday Finn!!!!

  3. Shaye says:

    He is too cute! Hope he had a great birthday!

  4. Jana Kunz says:

    OMG, he is 3!?! Where does the time go. He is as cute as ever. :)

  5. Rachael Shaffer says:

    Jen! He is sooo cute!!!! The funny faces are adorable=]]]

  6. Tracy Bixler says:

    I love this kid!!!!

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