December 23, 2009

After having to reschedule due to rain 3 times, this session finally took place. This couple has been married 4 years (they have know each other since 6th grade) but they never had pictures taken of them at their wedding. They brought along their dog and we had some fun getting photos with him.






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4 Responses to “love”

  1. Julia says:

    these are soo cute Jen… Jamie I miss working with you :-( I LOVE these photos…. P.S. how did you not have any wedding photos, I’m confused!

  2. jamie says:

    I know I miss working with you too!!! We just had a friend take pictures…no professional ones done. …gotta love wedding budgets:)

  3. Jana Kunz says:

    These are really really cute. I ♥ that last one of them together. :)

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