a contest – top 9 of 2009

January 6, 2010

This is a contest for my top 9 photos that I took in 2009. It was nearly impossible for me to narrow this down to just 9 photos from all of the sessions I did this year (since I really do love every photo I take), so I had some help from my family and friends in choosing what we thought were the 9 best of the year. I did not include any senior, engagement or wedding images here, it’s just children and families.

The rules: You can only vote once. Vote by leaving a comment with your favorite photo in the comments section below the photos (all comments must be approved before they are posted, so don’t worry when your vote doesn’t show up right away).  DO NOT click on the photo to leave your vote. Click on the comment section under the last photo. Voting will close on Sat. Jan. 9th at 10 PM. Please forward this to your family and friends and get them to vote. Post it on Facebook and tell all your Facebook friends to vote! The winner will be announced on Sunday, Jan. 10th.

   The winner will receive a free session in 2010 and a $50 print credit. To spice things up a bit, I will randomly choose one comment/vote and that person will win a $25 Target Gift Card!

Thank you to every family I photographed in 2009! I hope to see all of you again in 2010!










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320 Responses to “a contest – top 9 of 2009”

  1. Jordan says:

    #6 – I almost voted under #6 picture at first – be sure to count the other votes under there!

  2. Tammy says:

    #6 – sudsy cutie-pie!

  3. Pat says:

    Number 6 – What a happy looking baby!

  4. Pam says:

    #6 Looks so happy! She’s my favorite!

  5. Pat J. says:

    #6 is a sweet summer shot!

  6. Tara L. says:

    #4 is absolutely the cutest pic!!

  7. Bradlee says:

    #6 IS SO CUTE

  8. Mike Barbarini says:

    #7. This captures the meaning of being a child.

  9. Dana Richards says:

    #7. This picture needs no explanation. It makes you smile:)

  10. Brenda Piotti says:

    #7. Very candid. Very sweet

  11. Tracy Bixler says:


  12. Ali says:

    #7. love the Beauty and the “beast”. Animals and children are a gift.

  13. Kelly Campagna says:

    This photo was one of my favorite’s from the first day I saw it…..#7

  14. Pappy says:

    #7. This picture is worth a thousand words. It truly describes her fun loving personality. Great job Jen.

  15. Darren says:

    #3 – Great Pic of mom and her baby boy

  16. Elaine Deimler says:

    Hi, Jen!

    It’s been a loooooong time since (Flashes of Hope 2008). I was so blessed to be your assistant that day. Your contestant pix, as usual, are ALL prize worthy but if my vote were to count, I’d go for #7. It reminds me of the pix you took of Tarik – a beautifully captured subject with so many natural elements…especially the caputured relationship beteen the li: girl & “her” cat. A hard scene to catch but you make it look so easy! Nice work, Jen! So glad I stopped by…

  17. Linda G says:

    #2 is the Best!!! What a sweetie!!

  18. adam says:

    #8 is great!

  19. Megs says:

    #6 is the best!

  20. Larisa says:

    What a Doll!!!
    Beautiful Picture.

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