June 27, 2010

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13 Responses to “kelly”

  1. Linda Nagle says:

    beautiful pictures

  2. vickie says:

    Pretty girl. I love the colors in the bottom two. Just beautiful.

  3. shey says:

    Beautiful girl!! Love the locations – so pretty!

  4. Anne Beatty says:

    She is so pretty! I think the first one is my favorite, but it’s so hard to choose!!

  5. gilbert says:

    What a gorgeous gal! I love the colors!

  6. Stacie says:

    What a gorgeous girl with a fabulous smile!

  7. Katie Lou says:

    Beautiful gorl! Love all the colors!

  8. Inna says:

    Beautiful girl and great photos! Great job on these!

  9. Gail says:

    That smile! Great job capturing a sparkling personality!

  10. What a beautiful girl! Love the variety and colour. She must be thrilled with these!

  11. Beautiful…the girl and your images!

  12. Shanna says:

    Love all the green! I wish we had green back here in Australia! It’s winter time now…

  13. mandy says:

    She is just a beautiful, beautiful girl. I love your simple, yet perfect processing on these! Amazing work.

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