top 11 of 2011

January 4, 2012

It’s time for the top 11 of 2011 photo contest. Choosing the top photos is always hard, I really do love all the photos I take. The top 11 photos are composed of children, families and maternity photos (no seniors or weddings). To vote, simply scroll to the bottom of this post and vote in the poll for your favorite photo. Voting will be open until Saturday, January 7th at 10 PM. The winner will be announced on Sunday, January 8th. The photo with the most votes will receive a $125 gift certificate to Jen Baltgalvis Photography to use this year. The 2nd place photo will receive a $50 gift certificate. Please only one vote per person.

Thank you to all my amazing clients, I hope to see you all in 2012!

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10 Responses to “top 11 of 2011”

  1. Elizabeth ayers says:

    #3. I love the connection between boy and parents but you can see in his exuberant face he is also independent.
    The hoola hooping girls were a close second.

  2. Grace Seagrist says:

    Love this picture. 3 boys…all so cute and crazy fun. Hoola hoop girls were my second pick.

  3. Michelle says:

    So beautiful! Can’t wait to see you in March! I am talking to two kids today about repping.

  4. Donna Schroyer says:

    Very cute! Brotherly love while still young :)

  5. Niki Ritter says:

    #9 love


  6. Molly Diodato says:

    #3 This picture captures his joy and energy perfectly!

  7. Jill Crayne says:

    Beautiful picture!

  8. Awwwwww…… Sullivan [photo #6] is the cutest ever!

  9. heather Titus says:

    #9 is precious!

  10. Maria Maurer says:


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